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Pachinko Balls for Pachinko Machines

These Pachinko Balls are for Pachinko machines and are imported from Japaneses Pachinko Parlors. These are NOT just Ball Bearings bit are the genuiine stanless steel pachinko balls that will never rust or jam your machines like the imposters will. They are shiny and clean and have many other uses as well such as filling a decorator vase or ceramic bown, bottom of fish tanks.

Imported from Japanese Pachinko Parlors
Re-Packed in the United States (weight=5g,diameter=11mm)

Pachinko Balls that are Used but clean imported from Japanese Pachinko Parlors. There are different various engravings of Pachinko Parlor markings. They are 11mm in diameter.Packed 500 pachinko balls in a bag. These are guaranteed to work in your machine and will not rust.
Pachinko Ball Trays
From Japanese pachinko Parlors
Genuine Professional Pachinko Ball trays from Japanese Pachinko Parlors on the Ginza Strip. These can hold 3,000 pachinko balls. Pachinko Trays are 9.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches

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