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J-Bird Video Pull Tab Machine

Video Pull Tab machines .


  • CGA Graphics
  • Video Pull Tab Game
  • Multi Denomination
  • Standard 36/10 Pin Cherry Master Harness Ready
  • 6 Month Warranty
  • Includes two boxes of 40,000 finite pull-tabs

LCD Upright With 19" Monitor
Introductory Price Only $2,599


Slim Line LCD Flat Panel Touchscreen Monitor Upright Cabinet


  • 19" Multi Resolution LCD Display securely mounted in a high quality metal bezel
  • ICT GP-58CR Thermal Printer opyional (+$300)
  • Includes J-Bird Video Pull Tab game board
  • Finite Based Board Sweepstakes Game
  • Custom J-Birds bezel graphic
  • Your choice of Pyramid 5400 Stacker Bill Validator or ICT A6 Stacker Bill Validator
  • Additional customization available. Call for more details
  • Estimated ship out time is 3-5 days
  • We will contact you with an email or phone confirmation to follow up with your online order

Printer +$300


General Info on Video Pull Tab Games

Our Video Pull Tab Games come with from two to four "boxes" of virtual pull tabs active at a time, depending on the game. Spinning Sevens, for example, has four "boxes" active depending on which game denominations are active, $5, $2, $1, or 50 cents. The games can be set to $1 or 50 cents to play at the start of a "box" but cannot be changed in the middle of a "box.

A "box" is defined as 40,000 virtual pull tabs or game results. These virtual pull tabs are programmed into each board in a random order and the game simply displays the next virtual pull tab in the order in which they were programmed. There is no random number generator in the game itself.

Each game board has 50 refills available for each "box". "Boxes" are refilled by purchasing an unlock code which is entered into the game board. When a "box" is completely emptied, the next "box" will be opened. This means that there are up to 8 million virtual pull tabs pre-programmed into Spinning 7's. When all the virtual pull tabs are exhausted the refill module is swapped out and the process starts again.

Our games have progressive features that can be used in either stand alone mode or networked together for a faster build rate. A percentage of game play is added to the progressive jackpot, for example 1%. When the virtual pull tab for that progressive jackpot is pulled, the prize is awarded. The progressive prize can be capped with any amount going over the cap being added to the next jackpot.
Note: The operations of these games and the features therein may be subject to various state, provincial and/or local laws or regulations. It is not intended to solicit the sale of such games in any jurisdiction wherein the same may not be lawfully sold or operated. It is the responsibility of the purchaser to fully investigate the legal requirements in their own jurisdiction prior to purchase. Mitchell enterprises, Slotsdirect.com and their employess will not be liable for any legal action or use prohibitions placed on these machines after they are sold. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO RETURNS NO REFUNDS under any circumstances whatsovever.
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