Pachinko Automatic Ball Lifter Instructions
(A) Mount your pachinko on an approx. 25"L X 13"W X 3/4"D board leaving,V' clearance on the front of the board for your black ball box to sit. (board not included) Mount with 1 1/2" screws (included) or long nail (nail not included)
(B) Mount ball lift unit on the remainder of the@ board on the back side,sitting just off to the right side of pachinko. (Shown in diagram #6)
(C) Insert square lift tube into the unit with flexible end up and clip in place. Line up clip with clip hole. (Shown in diagram) (# 1)
(D) Clip on the ball sensor with cord attached onto the right end of reward hopper- Shown in diagram) (#2)
(E) Mount flex tube on the top wood frwne of pachinko. (Shown in diagram (#3)
(F) Plug in machine and the ball lift unit to I I OV standard outlet.
(G) Load approx. 200 balls in the reward hopper.
(H) Load approx. 200 balls in the ball lift unit hopper.
(1) Ball lift unit is know ready for operation.
(J) (Special notes) For every one ball that goes into any hole on the-pla-y field, one baR will fall out the back into the ban lift unit, Item (#2) on the diagram is the switch that turns the motor umt on when the reward hopper is in need of balls.

Diagram item fist
#1 Ball lift tube
#2 On/Off hopper switch box
#3 Mounting clip for # 1
#4 25"L X 13W X 3/4"D board
#5 Reward hopper
#6 Ball fift unit
#7 Switch to empty ball lift unit