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Repairs and questions regarding
OLDER Pachinko Machines

Many people have older Pachinko Machines, such as the ones shown at the left of this page . They want to know where to get parts and repairs for their older machines or, what are they worth. Do they have collector value. Here are some answers that may help.
  1. Your machine is probably worth very little, if in good condition then most are only worth $30-$40 . This is because millions were made and they were imported to the U.S. and sold for around $10 for years.
  2. Are they worth repairing ? Usually no, unless you can repair them yourself. It cost $70 to pack and ship (round trip)UPS to a repair place and they will want at least $50 to even look at it so minimum $$ you will spend for a repair is $120 . It is not worth it unless you can get it repaired locally and then only if it does not need much.
  3. Where can I buy parts. Look on eBay and seach the internet
  4. In my opinion, you are far better off buying one of the newer Video machines with sounds and music if you like Pachinko, then you are spending money repairing an older mechanical machine. But then, I would like to sell you a new machine !

Whatever you decide, we are here if we can help. We always have Pachinko balls for all machines (they are all the same)


Please visit our web site and look at our newer Pachinko Machines at

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