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IGT Service Manual
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IGT S+ Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Error Code

Error Description Most Common Repair (if these do not work, contact us)
12 Battery Voltage has dropped below 2.9 V Turn power off - Turn power on
Open / close door to clear
Replace 3.6 V Lithium battery on CPU board
21 Coin In Error Verify that comparitor is seated in all four acceptor clips
Verify that acceptor does not have coin(s) jammed
Verify that the coin optics is not blocked
Ensure toggle power switch in activated (if installed)
3100 Coin Out Tilt (Hopper) Check for and clear any jammed coins in the coin out channel
Check the coin out optic sensor for blockage or dirty surface
Replace hopper coin out optic
3200 Extra Coin Out (Hopper) Verify that the hopper motor brake functions
Check the coin wiper/ knife for jams - Adjust if necessary
3300 Hopper Empty Check hopper for coin level and refill
41 Reel #1 Tilt Designated reel is misaligned or malfunctioning.
Verify reel is not unplugged.
Switch connectors from one reel to another, determine if error follows change of connectors. Try r
eplacing reel assembly or optics if error stays with bad reel.
Clear Ram
42 Reel #2 Tilt
43 Reel #3 Tilt
44 Reel #4 Tilt
45 Reel #5 Tilt
49 Reel Mechanism Disconnected Verify reels are not unplugged

During the process of clearing error codes, you may encounter multiple 6x series errors. Just follow the information below in the "Most Common Repair" column which matches the error code on the door display.

61 CMOS RAM Error Bad (or cleared) CMOS RAM data
Press test button 3 seconds
Error code 61-1 should now be displayed
Follow 61-1
61-1 Game Data Reset Close door - turn and release reset key once
62 Bad Game EPROM Check circuit board - replace Game EPROM
62-1 Data EPROM Error Check circuit board - replace Reel EPROM
65-0 Bad EPROM Device Press self test switch for 3 seconds
If error will not clear replace EPROM
65-1 Bad EPROM Data Processor could not read or write to the named chip
Press test button for 3 seconds
Error code clears from display - Close door
65-2 Game Type Mismatch
65-3 EPROM / Game Data Changed Close door - turn reset key
Error Code
65-1 or 65-2 appears in display
Follow 65-1 or 65-2
66 Game EPROM Changed Turn power off - Turn power on
67 Data EPROM Changed
68 Invalid Data EPROM Change to valid Data EPROM



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